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FIND HOW THE FIRST ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE WORKSHOP APPLIED IN JUÁREZ, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, neural networks and optimization algorithms are an essential part of the technological change in the region. Artificial intelligence has already made its entrance into everyday life through huge increases in efficiency, especially for businesses. To further awaken awareness of this important trend in the US-MX regional business landscape, the Ai-CLUSTER organizes the first "Applied Artificial Intelligence Workshop" in Juarez on November 30, 2019, a unique event on Artificial Intelligence never performed in the region. The objective of the event is to familiarize regional companies with the practical applications of AI in companies of all sectors. To do so, providers and users of cognitive solutions are connected through the event, creating a realistic professional exchange on how companies can make artificial intelligence work in their businesses. The BA2IW event will have spaces based on talks led by a team of people that will maximize the synergies among all workshop participants.
Check out the full agenda via this link

Experts in Ai participate, discover and discuss real applications of Ai in your business or environment and that you realize an Ai strategy for your company and learn more about the technologies and methods of learning of machines, deep learning and neural networks

Jorge Rodas-Osollo

Cognitive Computing Master's program
Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez
Karla Olmos-Sánchez

Technical description

The objective of the Binational Applied Artificial Intelligence Workshop (BA2IW) is to provide a forum to exchange and discuss recent advances, results, experiences and lessons learned from the development of cognitive solutions to facilitate and make effective the process of cognitive transformation. The BA2IW workshop tries to unify the areas of cognitive computing, intelligent optimization and robotics. BA2IW 2019 will be held at the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juárez (UACJ). The topics of interest for the BA2IW workshop are related to innovative forms that incorporate: cognitive tasks, hybrid models, knowledge discovery, machine learning, natural language processing, intelligent data analysis, and statistical techniques among others. The workshop is expected to bring together academic and industrial researchers, cognitive solution providers, government, industry and the general public interested in discussing and exchanging recent advances, results and experiences related to the development of such solutions. This workshop also tries to unify the mentioned areas. It will have a keynote address and a session of talks given by researchers in the field.

Topics of Interest

The Binational Applied Artificial Intelligence Workshop (BA2IW 2019) invites you to participate submitting papers related with one or more of the themes proposed for the Workshop:

Cognitive Computing from and representation by:

  • Cognitive tasks
  • 'Hybrid models' of knowledge extraction, whereby machine learning methods are integrated with formal or non formal structures of knowledge representation
  • Incremental knowledge-bases
  • Knowledge Discovery
  • Meta-models
  • Machine Learning
  • Natural language processing applications
  • Ill-Structured domains
  • Intelligent Data Analysis on: News, Opinions, Web, Databases…
  • Ontologies
  • Semantic Approaches
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Social Collaboration Platforms
  • Social Networks
  • SoftComputing
  • Statistical Techniques

Knowledge Requirements acquisition lifecycle

Knowledge Elicitation

Tacit Knowledge Uses and Management

Knowledge Representation

Formal representation and structuring of knowledge flow acquired from ill-structured domains

Knowledge Engineering

Knowledge Management

Learning and Intelligent Optimization

And free themes of applied artificial intelligence and robotics

Paper Submission

Accepted papers will be published in a special issue of the Ai-C Communications e-journal.
We invite you to submit papers reflecting both finished works as well as works in progress, containing original and promising ideas. We welcome the following types of submissions:
Short papers (2-4 pages)
Long papers (8-10 pages)

Long submitted papers will be peer-reviewed based on technical quality, relation to the topics of the conference, originality, relevance, significance, and clarity. Short papers will be evaluated for their significance considering them as ongoing work description. Note that all submissions must be original. Short accepted papers will be presented as posters. Paper submissions must meet the following guidelines:

  • Papers must be written in English or Spanish language to be published in the proceedings.

  • Paper research reports should be in a PDF document, one-column formatted, according to the IEEE Computer Society Journals, available for LaTeX or for Word, and from one to four pages for research summaries (short works) and up to ten pages for long works, both including references and appendixes. Template and stylesheets for manuscript preparation are available to download here: and here.
    • Papers should not include page numbers.
    • All papers must have an Abstract and a list of keywords

Papers should be submitted through the Easy Chair platform here.

Instructions for Speakers and Posters.


All contributed long works will have a 20min presentation, including questions. The room will provide a projector. Bring laptop with VGA connector with you. Please contact your chairman before the session and upload the presentation in advance to avoid unnecessary delays during your sessions. Scheduling is essential for the whole conference development. Your chairman will use color cards to indicate your timings:

  • GREEN card until 3:01 min left

  • YELLOW card: 3 min left


Poster Sessions

In BAAIW 2019, there is a poster session (short works) scheduled by Tuesday 29th 11:00-12:00. In List of Contributions short works, you will find the session of your, and the number used to identify your poster.
The chairman of the poster session is: Karla Olmos. (

Contact your poster chairman before October 30th and send a ppt presentation consisting in 3 slides of 30 seconds each with a total duration of 90 seconds per author to be linked together in a Pecha Kucha-like presentation (3sl × 30s). The first slide must contain the title of the work and the author’s names and affiliations, and last two will be derived from your short work manuscript. Your poster chairman will link all presentations.
The poster size should be no larger than Arch D size (914 × 610 mm), portrait layout.

The posters area will be conveniently communicated in due time. You must hang your poster before the sessions of the day. You should bring your own adhesive tape if required.
The poster session will start with the brief oral presentations of all the posters in the session in which each of you can make a briefing of your work giving a clear and concise idea about the goal of the work and the results/contributions achieved.

After the presentations, move in front of your poster to attend questions of attendees.
Before removing your poster, be sure that Dr. Alberto Ochoa made the decision of which poster is the winner of the best Poster Diploma before removing.